What Will SEO Do For My Business?

This is the key question when it comes to considering using a Harrisburg SEO experts such as us. Let’s be clear here, SEO is not for every single business. However, the vast majority of businesses will benefit from SEO and if you own a small business then search engine optimization is likely to generate more customers and provide a positive long-term return on investment.

Essentially, the generation of more customers is the number one aim of SEO. But why is SEO such a good method of driving more customers to your website?

Building Trust

Over 90% of Internet users turn to Google to find local businesses or services when using a search engine. The reason for this is that Google has spent millions of dollars to ensure that they provide a good user experience – this means providing relevant results based on search queries.

Fundamentally – your customers trust Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc...

Appearing at the top of the search results for a term such as ‘Harrisburg SEO’ or ‘Harrisburg Lawyers’ means that the trust in Google is transferred to your brand. Google is almost giving you a recommendation – and this is where the true value of SEO lies.

Now don’t confuse appearing at the top of the organic search results with an AdWords sponsored listing. 92% of users skip straight past the sponsored listings as they treat them as exactly what they are – adverts.


The long-term value of SEO is vast. Consider the AdWords example of paid advertising that we just mentioned. A term such as ‘New York Lawyer’ costs almost $7 for every click. If you send 100 visitors then that is going to cost you $700 – and that is just for one key term and without the trust associated with the organic listing. You will have to pay this every month – FOREVER!

Now, lets imagine we use SEO to rank for a bunch of keywords. We have the trust, more traffic and ultimately (and crucially) more traffic and customers going to your website.

The biggest problem with SEO is getting it right. Making the right choice is crucial – so why not get in touch today and let us assess whether SEO is a good fit for your business.

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