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Mobile Application Development

Why a Mobile App?

Considering mobile application development for your Harrisburg small business might seem like a huge undertaking, but it is one that if implemented properly could secure the future of your business and help it to grow to the next level.

Over 80% of Internet users own a smart phone (Smart Insights) which means they have access to a device that can run a mobile app. When using media, 89% of time spent on mobile devices is within an app so to have your business app installed on your customer’s device can be a phenomenal marketing tool.

Whether you have a bricks and mortar or online business, you can benefit from developing a custom mobile application. Here’s our top 3 reasons you should consider developing a mobile app and pushing it out to Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store.

1. Geo-Targeting Customers

With more mobile users now being comfortable with geo location tracking this technology can not only allow you to target customers based on their location but you can use it for a whole host of marketing methods - obtaining insights in to your customer base that is data driven based on location.

Imagine being able to send your customers a push notification or message when they are within a certain proximity to your business – promoting a one time offer or flash sale. They will feel valued and will be more likely to visit.

2. Customer Satisfaction

One of the biggest gripes for many customers is when they aren’t listened to. You can make the customer feel like they are always being listened to with a mobile application. Why not build a contact page or a FAQ page in to your app. The beauty is that you can deal with an enquiry when it is convenient (within reason) and the customer is not spending hours trying to get someone to answer the phone.

3. Customer Loyalty and Marketing

The key to a good business application is usage. There is no point in having a high quality and user friendly app that no-one uses. A key method of providing real value to your customer and increasing customer retention is through a loyalty scheme. You could even give customers an extra bonus for sharing their experience through social media or give them a free coffee for every 5 visits where they check in to your coffee shop on Facebook.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to business mobile applications and we have literally just scraped the tip of the iceberg here – why not get in touch for a chat to discuss how we can assist your app development.

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